Shoko Nakagawa

Name: Shoko Nakagawa, Shokotan, Shokotasu, 中川翔子
Born: 5-5, 1985
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre(s) Japanese Pop
Occupation(s) idol, model, Comedienne, Singer, TV Personality and Presenter
Years active 2001-present
Nakagawa loves to draw. When she was younger, she had wanted to grow up and become a mangaka. Many of her illustrations are available at her talent agency's profile website. In 2006 she began Shocotan Quest, a series only found at that website. She also became part of the illustrating group Jump Damashii.

Shoko Nakagawa
Shoko Nakagawa

Shoko Nakagawa Information
When she was five, Nakagawa Shouko was given horror manga by her father to read, his reason being that she couldn't become an adult without reading them. As a result of her father's influences, Nakagawa loves 80s idol music, anime, and old video games. She is considered to be something of a nerd because of it. This started her love for sentai, and after watching Mirai Sentai Timeranger, Nakagawa wanted to become a gravure idol like Katsumura Mika. Katsumura played the pink ranger Yuri in the series, and was also a gravure idol with several photobooks and DVDs out. Nakagawa studied all of these to prepare for her own debut as a gravure idol. Nakagawa was chosen as one of the winners of Miss Magazine 2002, which helped to boost her popularity some. In 2004 Nakagawa got to be in the show Men B with her idol Katsumura and the two became like sisters.